Hey I'm Balraj, a Freelance Product Designer from London, UK.

I’ve been designing for over 8 years and I’ve gained experience working alongside visionaries ranging from startup founders to Googlers. Typically my client base hail from the Bay Area so I assist in bringing their vision to life from mere sketches on a napkin to the app store.

UI Design
The combination of using colours, styling, typography and whitespace to solve a problem and invoke an emotion is the reason why I do what I do.
UX Design
I develop interactive prototypes to demonstrate real world scenarios. Other techniques include generating user flows, personas, wireframes and animation.
Branding & Identity
A brand is not just a font type or icon, a brand invokes an emotion. The simpler the design, the more memorable.

About Me

Brief Bio and Experience

I discovered my insatiable curiosity for design when I began doodling comics on any whitespace that I could find in my notebook. A dopamine-fuelled sense of satisfaction using my creativity to solve problems propelled me into learning more about the diverse craft. Inevitably, this led me onto a path of self-discovery.

I’m an avid dreamer who enjoys solving problems and making a positive impact through design. I specialise in UI/UX design for mobile and web and I also dabble in web development when needed. In my spare time, I like to work on side projects and enjoy playing sports, drinking coffee, building computers, coding and travelling.