CircularChaos Branding

The meaning behind my brand name.

cir · cu · lar

CircularChaos was coined from my approach to solving design problems. It represents my philosophy and the core values that I hold.

The word ‘circular’ states that a circle, which is unique to any other shape, has no start or end. This reflects my ambition and passion. I am constantly learning and adapting to the ever changing industry.

cha · os

The word ‘chaos’ originates from the chaos theory. Even if patterns initially appear random, they in fact have a structure to them. The outcome is reliant on its initial conditions. This statement is imperative because as a designer, I have to seamlessly iterate in order to improve my work. I do not purely design for aesthetics, each element is positioned intentionally for intuitiveness. There is a science to design, just like the golden ratio in the Mona Lisa.